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This post was actually going to be a rant but LJ didn't like that idea apparently. But to put it simply this day hasn't started out too well.
Rest in Peace IsshiCollapse )

As promised.

I told Hymn last night that I would post a pic of Kane, Baba, and Kento from last night's Giri Giri morning. And guess what I found on Kane's blog this morning.

I don't know if I like Kento's shirt or not. But there you go.

Giri Giri Morning #4

Is anyone going to watch this with me tonight? I'm suprised no one posted any thing on the comm's about it yet. But it is tonight. I'm thinking of making a post on the Comm since I don't know if anyone knows about it. I just found the link now incase if anyone needs it.


So anyone else watching it?

I feel like a stalker. XD

I'm going for Chouta-chan in my game and I feel like I'm stalking him since I keep talking to him so much. Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing...

Did you guys know that you can use charcter names for your last name? I couldn't use the one that I originally wanted but when I was looking at the list I saw "Kamio". I was curious so I looked if there were others too. So now my character is Sanada Hikaru. ^-^ The way everyone says the name is pretty funny too. especially Atobe's. He yells it.

I'm ready to melt now.

My Doki Doki Surival came in!!!!!! I haven't put the game in my DS yet but I'm about to. I just know I'm going to end up either 1. fangirl spazzing, 2. melting into the onsen like lexxie, or 3. both.

...ok...why are Atobe's shorts that short? o.o that's too short for a guy to wear. >.< I wouldn't put it past atobe though.
well...I'm off to play my game. and to try to understand it...

Icon post

I've been pretty board lately so I've been talking random pictures and making them into icons. I think some of you will recognize them as pictures that some of my friends(or yourselves) have posted. I think most of them, if not all are Tenimyu boys. I'm still a noob at creating icon so some of them might not be very good...

Well anyways...here they are.Collapse )


Giri Giri Morning?

Does any one want to watch Giri Giri Morning with me tonight? If you didn't watch it with me last time, it would be like the tenimyu nights. It's at the usual time of 11:00am Japan time on Sunday. In my time zone(Eastern) that would be 10pm tonight I think. So would any one like to join me?

Birthday Post

That was embarrassing.

First bit of info. My door is always closed. Usually because if some of our pets aren't supervised they will eat anything that they want and I don't want them destroying my room. Since my door is closed I do tend to think out loud. And just now I looked at Feihu's post of the pic from Kamen Rider W. And since I saw Kiriyama I couldn't resist doing the "Ki-ri-ya-ma. uuuuuu-aaaaahn" from DL4's backstage.   Then I heard my dad talking to my mom pretty clearly. Thinking "The door's closed. it shouldn't be that clear" I look over at my door to find it open and my dad standing not too far from my door. which means he and my mom most likely heard my little dorkiness. They didn't say anything when I got up to close my door. But that's probably because they already know how weird I am. ^//////^'